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ITK Network Solutions Ltd is a premier reseller of new and pre-owned networking and communication equipment in West African sub-region. We are well equipped with large inventory of networking and communication equipment to essentially service huge demand for quality ICT products in the West African sub-region. We offer for sale, products ranging from switches to routers, servers, hubs, firewalls and wireless devices from internationally renowned ICT product manufacturers such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard (HP), Dell, Nortel, Juniper etc. At ITK Network Solutions, our major desire is to help customers maximize value and minimize cost and delivery time.

The dearth of quality ICT products in the developing economies especially African countries cannot be overemphasized in view of the proliferation of substandard goods in the contemporary African markets. Most of these products come from different parts of the globe especially the Asian countries. With due consideration to the above and the recognition of the fact of adherence to Quality Control measure by some developed countries such as USA, we have narrowed our source of products wholly to the USA. In addition, we also ensure that all our products are properly tested to ensure quality and functionality before they are offered for sale on our website. So if the quality is not in it; you will not find it on our website.

We do not just sell our products to customers and walk away, we offer top quality support customers need to setup their systems and manage them through our certified support team with in-depth knowledge of all the IT assets we offer for sale. So feel free, relax and navigate our website in search of your ICT needs. Please send any enquiry to



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